How do you create the CV that makes headlines

During my many years as manager, I have seen many versions of CVs’, many from the same template available on job sites, some dull and some very catchy.

So how do you create the CV that makes the headlines

Last week, I asked my network for feedback on my updated CV. It has been a fun process and has taught me that no two persons have the same opinion as to what is a catchy and effective CV.

Below, are some of the comments I have received.

  • A CV should max be 2 pages
  • Too much information,,, and I am missing ,,,
  • More details are required
  • Prefer a more traditional CV
  • Vauw, looks great, right amount of data and straight to the point, no unnecessary information
  • What is your point
  • Nice, easy and gives a good overview, no too much, no too little

Check out my updated CV, click on the picture

CV Front

So while there is no single answer as to what a catchy and effective CV should include, my recommendation is to create a CV that truly represent you as a person, your skills, experiences and not least personality, because after all I think you will be better suited at a company that likes your CV or in a job you may get by using a CV not being a picture of you, but purely a template you found on the internet.

Hope you can use this advise, good luck and remember,,,



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