UNEMPLOYED – and then what?

After 3,5 years at CodeSealer, leading development of a unique security product and penetration of markets, it is time to look forward to the next challenges.

So how do you go about?

Should you apply for positions on job banks, knowing that more than 65% of all mid and executive management jobs are never posted?

Should you write to all your friends and ask if they need a dedicated person who is seeking new challenges, colleagues and a chance to deliver, or will they see you as a potential threat?

Should you blog on social medias, knowing that you will just be one amongst many with a title of “Looking for new opportunities”

Should you send unsolicited applications to potential companies which could be of interest for you and you for them, knowing that they get tons’ of these and they often end in a big bucket?

Should you knock on the door of companies, with the risk that you get to talk to the student helper and not the person who may find you of interest (sorry nothing bad about student helpers)

Should you contact headhunter and recruitment companies, knowing that they will ask you to fill out their data base and the risk that your CV doesn’t match their search lists?

Well, I am sure you can come up with more ways, but how often can you ask your network for coffee meetings, how often can you call the headhunter, how do you find the company where they are just looking for a person like me?

UNEMPLOYED – and then what?

I am happy to see that using social medias is working out! I am already receiving contacts from the network, reaching out, asking for my CV, highlighting the vacant position or setting up a dialogue with relevant people and not least inviting me for coffee.

So I think I will just continue using all of the above methods and remember “selling my services” is like selling a security product, people will not buy it unless they have a need and it may take time, but when the opportunity is there, the most important is that you have presented your product/CV



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