Maybe HR should be moved to Marketing and Sales?

Several years ago, I was contacted by a company about a position as IT manager. It was a Friday and the process should be closed within the weekend, and I would get an answer latest by Monday. 3 months later, I had still not received any reply, and when I contacted the HR department, I got a standard answer, that the job had been filled by another candidate.

For many years, I had been a loyal customer, but my perception of the company changed overnight. I stopped using the brand, I mentioned the case to everyone who would listen and when I later had a position where I was searching for a new vendor, I avoided the company and went with another vendor, all influenced by a bad experience, during a recruitment phase.

The brand each year spends millions in marketing activities, communicate themselves as a trustworthy and serious business partner, but unfortunately it wasn’t my experience, dealing with HR.

After 3,5 exiting years at CodeSealer, the company went bankrupt and I am applying for a new job. The way my applications, or unsolicited applications, are being treated, range from anywhere between a personal mail from the CEO, a standard letter from HR, to no reply at all. More and more companies today post on website, that if you don’t hear anything, you are not considered a relevant candidate and is rejected. Does this comply with your marketing and communication  strategy?

Overall, I have to say, that most companies do take well care of the applications and I have been positively surprised by the professional headhunters and how they see an application as a potential revenue but also understand that tomorrow, it may be me, in my new position, who is looking for a new candidate and a professional headhunter.

For me, the above, wasn’t only a bad experience, it was a learning. Today, I see each application I get as a potential sales lead, I see each applicants as a potential customer and I try to make sure that the message I am sending about our product, is also the behavior we do in all other parts of the company, being HR or any other part of the company.

Hope to see your application in the future and I promise that I will do anything possible to treat you as you deserve when you take the time to apply for a job at our company.



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