Airline, Banking, Outsourcing, IT Security and then ?

In my search for that job I have just dreamt about for years, I am meeting many headhunters, recruiters and network connections (thanks) and I always get two questions.

  1. What company would you like to work for?
  2. What job are you looking for?

In Denmark alone we have more than 300.000 registered companies, so which company do I want to work for?

While we all know companies such as Microsoft, Google, Maersk, IBM, Novo Nordisk and the like, what about all the companies which we never hear about. From time to time, I meet people who are working for lesser known companies, in which they have very interesting jobs, good colleagues and a visionary leadership, but how can I mention them, when I don’t even know about the company. Will it be loosing out on new and exiting opportunities if I mentioned some of the above, will it be seen as I am unable to make a decision if I say I am open to company, if it is the right leadership, product and job?

Over the past years, I have worked with IT Development, IT Operation, Outsourcing,  Security, Airport Processes and across industries such as Travel, Airline, Alliances, Finance and IT Security.

Seldom, you see people changing across business sectors, but why. Is it because you can’t perform in a different sector, or is it because we have a tendency to lock people to a certain sector?

Is CRM different in finance than in airline?, is leadership of IT staff different across sectors or can it benefit the company to get insight from another sector, especially within IT, but also within sourcing and product development?

So how do I go about replying to the two questions? Help me, what would you answer?

Tonny Rabjerg, from IT Security to new challenges



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