When I grow up i wanna be …

Imagine, you are 6 years old, dreaming about what you want to be when you grow up,,, so did your dream come true?

When I was 6, I wanted to be a doctor, so I could save the world, or an airline pilot so I could travel the world, or,,,

Well, I didn’t became a doctor nor an airline pilot, but during my career, I have flown more than 5.000 flights and traveled more than 1.500 days, so somehow you can say that I got to see the world, or at least the meeting rooms, the hotels and airports, and not least, I got a long list of friends from around the world, had some fantastic job opportunities and achievements that I am today very proud of.

While we are often asked where we see ourselves in 5 years, I took the opportunities when I got them, and there have been many. At the age of 22, I participated in my first IATA meeting in Montreal (SAS), at the age of 26 I moved to Miami, followed by Sophia Antipolis (Amadeus), got my first manager position, later to be followed by 11 years as IT Director (SAS), 2 years in Frankfurt, having a truly international team and projects around the globe (Star Alliance), 4 years in banking  (Danske Bank – CRM Systems), 3 years building up an 850 employee sourcing setup (Danske IT – India) and lastly 3,5 years within IT Security (CodeSealer), what a journey.

Beside the achievements over the years, being anything from IT projects, being pioneer in online channels, common Star facilities and processes, an having outstanding cooperation with our customers, what has given me most over the years, has been my employees.

Nothing makes me as proud of the people that I have worked with. The joy of seeing people grow, the result you get when you get teams to work together and the pleasure it is to come to office when you have a functioning team. I have managed to turn low customer perception to some of the highest measured, have managed to save departments from being eliminated by making them highly productive and able to deliver, and I have gotten some of the best staff survey results you can get and most of all, I feel that I have been able to make a difference for so many great people over the year.

I may not have become the doctor, nor the airline pilot, but I have taken the opportunities when they arise and it has been one great journey, across borders, with many cultures but always with great people, and with the right team everything else is a piece of cake.

So, did you follow your dream, or did you create the dream that makes you happy each and every day when the alarm clock rings, at least I did and would not have missed a single opportunity.

Tonny Rabjerg – from IT Security to new opportunities




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