So, what does Security and Outsourcing have in common?

Well, first of all they are both topics in which I am very passionate.

Over the past years, we have seen more and more work being outsourced and today it is estimated that more than 8 Mill in India alone are working in a sourcing setup, being IT Development or Global Shared Centers (GSC). This is a sign that outsourcing is possible and can work, but will it continue?

Meet Sophia, your new service agent – With the implementation of AI and RPA/BOTS, companies have started to replace sourcing setups with automated processes and technology. It is several years since we heard about Watson winning chess games but with the recent introduction of “Sophia” we are entering into a new stage. It is estimated that within the next years, 20% of all outsourcing activity will be performed by automation instead – but is it safe?

Today we know that many cyber attacks are performed by insiders, but also that the first attacks on AI solutions have occurred and the RPA/BOTS are only as safe as the code written (Scary). This brings a whole new topic on how we can assure that the automation isn’t compromised but also how we ensure compliance and define future audit methods.

Well, some may say that we did automated test 30 years ago, so what is new? While this is correct, we have never seen the level of automation today, and where tests were performed by inhouse staff and done to capture application mistakes, we are today leaving important customer interaction to computers. Can you imagine if your competitors could hack the replies given by your CHAT-BOT or started to give incorrect answers due to malicious malware. Just imagine if you have reduced your staff to leave the BOT perform the tasks, what will your continuity plan be in case of an attack?

Like we are discussing how we have to protect our IoT, being our cars or fridge, we also have to focus on how we protect future automation, robots and how we balance between outsourcing, automation and security breaches – The future is here – let’s make it safe


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