Attitude is everything!

During my years working with sourcing, I have seen many companies succeed,,, but also many failing.

This has been a frequent topic in many of the networks I have been in, and heavy debates have taken place on why sourcing fails.

Like with anything else in life, my opinion is that one of the largest obstacles is a negative attitude. If you think it is great to be in the Olympics, you will get a good experience, but never be number one. If you want to be number one you have to think like a winner and have the attitude.

If you see outsourcing as a help, additional man power, possibility to increase your delivery and access to skilled resources, you can make it work, but if you just wait for it to disappear (for whatever reason, but often risk of your job), you will fail.

Yes it can be difficult. Often we hire in batches and just imagine what it would mean to your home organization, if you suddenly got 200 new employees during a year, and  then on multiple locations.

What is the attitude within your organization?

Time for a change? If you want it to succeed, you can make it succeed



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