Can you really afford the consequences

Again and again, I meet companies asking why they should protect their browsers and why attackers should target their company. If we look at some of the recent attacks, these have hit widely and without specific target, Maersk being an example. Over the last months, we have seen new attack vectors and malicious attacks originating... Continue Reading →


CodeSealer mentioned at Money 20/20

At the recent Money 20/20 in Copenhagen, CodeSealer was in Fintech Finance magazine. I was interviewed about security and how I envision the future but also look at the past with more than 30 years of application development and no requirement for security. The world has changed, we have moved from closed networks to open,... Continue Reading →

Cybercrime is growing – the world is getting unsafe, or is it?

During the past weeks I have participated in several security conferences and conferences in relation to the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). During the conferences I have heard presentations ranging from “the end is near” to “don’t listen it isn’t as bad as they say”. So what can I trust? A blooming Industry... Continue Reading →

Customers expects it, Legislators enforces it, Press loves it, and we have to protect it

Over the last couple of months I have been guest speaker at events at Finans IT, Copenhagen IT University, DataExpert I Holland and a number of smaller events, on the topic of IT Security and what can be done. The topic has focused around the fact that while many companies spend large amounts on IT... Continue Reading →

Motivation at smaller companies

Recently I posted a blog regarding motivation in smaller companies, such as CodeSealer, versus that of larger companies. Since then I have had a lot of discussions around the topic and it has been interesting to hear the arguments. The below are some of the key lines from the discussions: Large Companies: Motivating factors Structure... Continue Reading →

Speed-dating and how it helps B-2-B

Over the recent years we have heard about the success of sites like and the speed-dating events where singles have great opportunities to meet potential partners in life. Now speed-dating also exist in the B-2-B market. Last week CodeSealer was present at the FST Summit in Dublin. At the Financial Services Summit (FST) more... Continue Reading →

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