The funny side of India

While India for sure is a country in a very fast rising, and a country with a great potential for the future and already on their way to become a next world power, it is also a country of many beliefs, gods and stories which I somehow find amusing. On this side I have covered just a few of these:

Heard from our cook:

“my daughter is pregnant, so if she mixed Safran into the milk she is drinking before birth the child will get white skin”  Well let’s hope she doesn’t turn out yellow, and make sure you can explain the white skin to your husband

“The flooding in the north has been caused as too many people have prayed for more rain in the south, and now they have prayed too much!

Our maid is by far the one with most stories

When her daughter had her period for the first time, and some stomach problems, these were purely because she couldn’t get her to church often enough, and she hadn’t prayed enough,,,, or it could just be a natural cause

“When you have stomach problem, you have to eat onions sauteed in vast amount of butter”,,, well then at least you don’t know why you have to run all the time and you have a reason


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